4 Must-Have Items For Any Valentine’s Day Party

It’s time to host your very own Valentine’s Day party! And you can’t have a party without some awesome decor. Check out our list below of 4 must-have items from our collection at Geyer Rental! Give us a call when you’re ready to come in or order.

1. Champagne Fountain/Chocolate Fountain

What food is more associated with Valentine’s Day than any other? Chocolate!

At your Valentine’s Day party, don’t forget to wow your guests with a Large Chocolate Fountain! Cascading layers of molten chocolate will fill the air with the sweet smell of cocoa and sugar. The scent will draw your guests in, and provides a delicious treat!

Another option is our elegant Large Champagne Fountain, for a more adult or classy party.

2. Cake Stand/Cupcake Stand

Planning to have some amazing dessert? Don’t slough off – make sure you dress up your hard work with an amazing cake stand or cupcake stand! We have gold stands, three-tiered stands, mirrored stands, Birch wood stands, wrought iron stands, rustic tin stands, antique stands, glass stands, silver and gold stands, and more!

3. Vintage Love Seat

Whether you’re trying to set a loving mood, or create a classy setting, we have the perfect piece of furniture to finish of your aesthetic! One of our favorite pieces is a vintage love seat. This love seat is a perfect creamy gray, designed in an antique French style, with just enough room for two.

4. Gold/Silver Cutlery

To top off any table setting, rent some fine cutlery for your Valentine’s Day Party! Our party planners can help you find the perfect set of gold or silver cutlery for your event.