4 Tips For Wedding Table Place Setting

Prepping for your wedding is a lot of work! And your wedding table place settings may be the last thing on your mind. At Geyer Rental, we want to help you through all of the stages of planning your wedding, so speak with an wedding planner today!

To make sure you’re prepared for your wedding, let’s learn more about some tips for your wedding table place setting!

1. Change Table Shapes As Necessary

The size and shape of your tables will be the limiting factor in your seating arrangements and what you can utilize for centerpieces. Most venues have four basic options for wedding table shapes – square, rectangle, round and oval. At Geyer Rental, we find that round and rectangle tables get the most use.

Rectangular tables are more space efficient, as you can simply fit more people into your reception hall. They also allow easier conversation across the table, but limit the room you have for centerpieces.

Round tables are a more traditional option, offer more leg room and more room for centerpieces.

2. Consider A Kids’ Table

You’ve spent a lot of time shaping exactly how your seating arrangements and table place settings will look. You don’t want your friends’ and relatives’ children running roughshod over the whole thing!

Incorporating a kids’ table – not for eating, but for burning energy and keeping them occupied – can be a real life saver. At our wedding, my spouse and I included paper and crayons, crafting supplies, glow-in-the-dark bracelets and necklaces, bubbles and more. It was a smash hit with the kids, and kept them happy and occupied so their parents could enjoy more of the day.

A recent wedding table place setting put in place with help from Geyer Rental.

3. Meaningful Centerpieces

The most visual part of your wedding table place setting is your centerpiece. As the decade goes on, more and more weddings are choosing to use unique centerpieces for each table, or have a set number of centerpieces which then repeat across the tables. The more traditional way is to have a matching centerpiece on each table.

The ability to make each centerpiece unique means you can have even more meaningful centerpieces, incorporating bits of your own personality, as well as those of your guests into the wedding table place setting.

4. On-Theme Party Favors

Our final tip for wedding table place setting has to be: having on-theme party favors. The wedding favor can tie together your theme, your table and your interests. Try to find something which will continue to be useful to your guests after the wedding date, so they’ll either hold it close as a souvenir, or use it on occasion and think of your wonderful day.