4 Wedding Decorations To Make Your Big Day The Best Ever

Planning your wedding is a big job. While it can often be stressful,it doesn’t have to be. At Geyer Wedding & Event Rental we have almost every wedding decoration idea you can dream of available to rent. Here’s a look at some of our favorite ideas.

1. Ceiling Drape

To begin we’ll literally start at the top; the ceiling that is. Ceiling drape is a simple way to get an elegant look to set the mood for your big day. Rather than buying oodles of fabric you’ll be stuck with later, Geyer Wedding & Event Rental offers a variety of ceiling drape to rent. What’s more is that we’ll hang it for you! Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

2. Wedding Centerpieces

Next on our wedding decorations checklist are centerpieces. From vases and mirrors to runners and number stands, we’ve got your table covered. You’ll love looking out over your reception hall from the head table, seeing your perfectly appointed centerpieces on every table!

912 Regency Plaza with wedding decor

3. Banquet Table Linens

Speaking of coverings, no wedding is complete without table covers. At Geyer we have banquet linens in a wide array of colors, with several lengths to choose from. In addition to rectangular we offer linens for round tables as well.

Table skirting is another important piece in the wedding decorations department. A great way to hide the unsightly underside of a table, we have table skirting in an assortment of colors and fabrics.

4. Other Wedding Decorations

Be sure to browse our specialty items online or visit our showroom for more specialty pieces. Geyer Wedding & Event Rental has everything from arches and arbors and lounge furniture to cake and candy table decor.

Wedding Decorations Packages

Need help with transportation, set up or takedown? We offer three decor packages to ease your mind on your big day! Call us today to schedule an appointment.