5 Things Not To Forget When Throwing A Great Outdoor Tent Party

Our team at Geyer Rental wants you to have the best outdoor tent party possible! Let’s take a look at a number of tents and other accessories we have available – let us know if you’d like to reserve any of them for your party date now!

1. Dance Floor

With an outdoor tent party, it’s possible the ground could be unsuitable for dancing or other activities. That’s why it’s important to have a proper dance floor! Available in 3’x3’ sections, you can have up to 64 couples dancing on a 24’x24’ floor.

2. Restrooms

Now, you have your entire party hosted outside – you definitely don’t want to make guests trek inside your home to use the restroom! Be sure to rent portable toilets! These restrooms are available for handicap access as well, and we also have portable wash stations for cleanliness.

Freestanding 30x30 canopy

3. Garbage

Another key for a great outdoor tent party is to have proper garbage receptacles. Without an efficient way to gather trash and recyclable materials, your guests will end up carrying their trash around with them, place it on the ground or leave it all over your tables.

4. Illumination

As evening comes on, you’ll need to light up the dance floor or let people see the faces of those they’re chatting with. Pole lamps stand on their own and provide a great amount of light. For added class, chandeliers can illuminate under the big top. And string lights are always classy and tasteful!

5. Tent Size

Depending on the number of people you’re inviting, your tent size can make or break the party. Pole canopies have center and side poles and can be wider, while freestanding canopies have no center poles to obstruct the view but tend to be narrower.

We have a wide variety of tents available to rent for your tent party, from 10’x10’ pop up tents to 60’x90’ or 40’x120’ canopy’s.