5 Unique Tents For Your Event

Our team at Geyer Rental makes sure you have a wide variety to choose from for tents for your event. Let’s take a look at a number of pole tents and freestanding tents we have available – let us know if you’d like to reserve any of them for your party date now!

1. 60×90 Canopy w/Walls

This 60’x90’ canopy is a behemoth – with seating for up to 576 with 72-8’ banquet tables, you can invite the whole town to your next event with this tent. With a tent of this size, we demand to install it for you – it’s our honor.

No matter what kind of event your hosting – wedding, corporate event or coronation of new royalty – this tent will be the perfect setting, especially with the cathedral canopy walls. And don’t forget to consider a pole cover!

2. 10×10 Popup

This 10’x10’ popup tent is perfect to protect food or drinks from the sun, rain or other inclement weather. It can also serve as a mobile shade pavilion for relatives or friends who aren’t able to stand or handle the sun for long periods of time.

3. 20×30 Canopy

This 20’x30’ canopy is respectable with seating for up to 72 on 9-8’ banquet tables. This canopy comes uninstalled, meaning you’ll need to set it up, or we can do so if you request. It’s one of our most popular tents because of its average size and great pricing.

40x80 Canopy installed

4. Freestanding 30×60 Canopy

Another large tent for your event is our 30’x60’ canopy with seating for up to 192 on 24-8’ banquet tables. While you won’t be able to invite the whole town to this event, you can seat a few neighborhoods with room for a couple hangers-on. Spice up this large tent with some canopy leg skirts!

5. 40×100 Canopy

This gargantuan tent is nearly the biggest in our inventory, at 40’x100’ and seating up to 480 on 60-8’ banquet tables. Great for fitting in a little narrower spaces but providing great length, his tent can help your event be a great success!

Contact us for help with tenting your next event!