6 Awesome Rentables To Make Your Graduation Party Great!

A graduation party is the end of an era. Moving from high school into the adult world of work, college or trade training, your teen will remember this party forever. So it’s important to find graduation party ideas which speak to their interests and desires.

At Geyer Rental, we have a huge variety of items you can rent for your graduation party to make it much more exciting and dynamic, creating lasting memories. Let us know if you’d like to reserve any of them for your party date now!

1. A Slushy Machine

Everyone loves to eat and drink, especially when it comes in such a fun style and flavors! A slushy machine is an excellent way to impress. This tasty option doesn’t involve a lot of work on your part – we’ve got all of the flavors you could imagine. We even offer a double slushy machine for larger parties.

2. Cotton Candy

Human jousting inflatable game

Everyone loves cotton candy! A hit at fairs, festivals and grad parties, cotton candy is a fun and interactive treat. Plus, it’s delicious!

3. Dunk Tank

This spring has become hot, and if you’re hosting a graduation party this summer, you can count on people wanting to cool off. Why not make it a game with an amazing dunk tank! Dunk your graduate, their friends and relatives! No electricity is needed – set Geyer Rental’s dunk tank up anywhere you can reach with a garden hose.

4. Canopies

Canopies might seem boring, but if it ends up raining, everyone at your party will flock to them! Canopies can also be great places to place food and drink to keep cool.

5. Inflatables

Take your party to the next level with an inflatable game! With tons of options like human jousting, moonwalk, obstacle courses and more, we’ve picked just one to highlight here: Human Bowling!

Your kids friends will love throwing on a helmet and getting strapped into a 4’ steel bowling ball! Then, their friends will roll them down a lane where they’ll crash into a set of 6-5’ inflated bowling pins, hopefully getting a strike!

6. Sumo Wrestling

Finally, for even more competitive fun, sumo wrestling suits are a great choice! Fully padded – no inflation needed – they come with headgear and a padded mat for safety. Let your graduate suit up and face-off against their friends!

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