Graduation parties are an important moment in a young person’s life. They’re on the cusp of becoming an adult, heading off to college, travel or starting their working life. So it’s important to find graduation party ideas which speak to their interests and desires.

At Geyer Rental, we have a wide variety of items you can rent for your graduation party to make it much more exciting and dynamic, creating lasting memories for your student and their friends. Let’s take a look at a few of these great ideas, and let us know if you’d like to reserve any of them for your party date now!

1. A Slushy Machine

Your kid and their friends are still young, and love to eat and drink. A slushy machine is an awesome way to impress their friends and relatives with an excellent, tasty option without a lot of effort on your part!

Slushies are a classic, fun treat for anyone, but nobody wants to stand in line and wait for one. That’s why, for larger parties we offer a double slushy machine! We’re always ready to help take your party to the next level!

Slushy Machine (Single)
Human jousting inflatable game

2. Inflatables

Speaking of taking your party to the next level, an inflatable game would be a hugely impressive item to have at your bash!

We have tons of options, from the classics like the moonwalk, obstacle courses, the bungee run and more, to slightly newer and more interesting options like:

Human Bowling

If you’ve never gone human bowling, you haven’t lived. Your kids friends will love throwing on a helmet and getting strapped into a 4’ steel bowling ball! Then, their friends will roll them down a lane where they’ll crash into a set of 6-5’ inflated bowling pins, hopefully getting a strike!

Human Jousting

This is a classic and will definitely get the kids excited! Human jousting originated on the TV show “American Gladiators” and has become a standard at fairs and other events. Our inflatable comes with two pugilist poles with padded ends for knocking their opponent off of their pedestal. It’s a ton of fun!

3. Sumo Wrestling

For even more competitive fun, sumo wrestling suits are a great choice! These suits are fully padded – no need to inflate them and waste time in between matches. They come with head gear and a padded mat to soften the inevitable landing. Let your kids friends slip the suits on, strap on the helmet and they’ll be ready to rumble all afternoon and into the night!

Sumo Wrestling
Yellow Balloons

4. Balloons

Everyone loves balloons! They’re a great touch to add to any event, and a grad party deserves the best. We have a large variety of designs to choose from which can make your party more festive and liven up walls, tables and other spaces.

5. Nachos

Who doesn’t love nachos? Besides the normal graduation party fare you’ll be serving, be sure to check out all of our food options including nachos! Save yourself some time and effort by renting our nacho machine, either with a pump or ladle for the cheese, and a chip warmer! The kids will absolutely love it!

Nacho Cheese with ladle
Freestanding 30x30 canopy

6. Canopies

I know, canopies? They’re boring, right, how did they make the graduation party ideas list? Well, if it ends up raining that day, they will definitely help keep the party going! Also, canopies can be great places to put food and drink under, as a way to keep the drinks cooler and help the kids catch a break from the sun. In other words, canopies can be cool too!

Watch out for Part 2 next month, and contact us for help with your upcoming graduation party!