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How Wedding Decorations Can Make Or Break Your Big Day

Weddings are often the biggest day of your life! Pomp, circumstance, your white dress, loved ones, great music and food, and oh . . . the decorations! Wedding decorations can either be the most important thing in the world to you, or the last thing you think of. We believe they’re something you should really […]

4 Awesome Wedding Decoration Ideas For Next Fall

Wedding planning is nerve-wracking! There are so many details to get just right, and you need to please your mother, your soon-to-be mother-in-law, your husband, your friends, yourself . . . so many different people! And it all hinges on the theme for your wedding decorations! Well, not to worry! We have some excellent wedding […]

4 Reasons To Book Your Wedding Early

Booking a wedding early can seem like an overly-cautious thing to do, but in reality it isn’t! Many people are booking their venues and other parts of their wedding earlier and earlier these days for a number of reasons. 1. Wedding Venues Get Booked Early These Days People tend to book wedding venues earlier and […]

3 Reasons You Should Apply For Employment At Geyer Rental!

At Geyer Wedding And Event Rentals, we take pride in the team we’ve assembled. The entire team takes great pride in providing rental items to weddings and parties, and making the planner’s vision come to life. Our human resources staff is always looking for quality people to apply for employment with us. If you’re qualified […]

3 Reasons To Throw Your Grad A Going Away Fall Outdoor Party

Throwing your grad a fall outdoor party as a going away present is a great idea! Their friends and family will appreciate seeing them one last time, especially if they are moving far away, but even if they will be nearby as they inevitably get busier with college courses and activities. It’s also a wonderful […]