4 Awesome Wedding Decoration Ideas For Next Fall

Wedding planning is nerve-wracking! There are so many details to get just right, and you need to please your mother, your soon-to-be mother-in-law, your husband, your friends, yourself . . . so many different people! And it all hinges on the theme for your wedding decorations!

Well, not to worry! We have some excellent wedding decor themes right here to help you plan the perfect wedding for next fall!

1. Back-To-School

The first theme we’ll discuss is back-to-school. This is perfect for a September wedding date. Apples, books, wildflowers, picnic baskets, sandwiches, chips, cookies, flannel . . . there are so many ways to go with this theme!

Stacked books make a great centerpiece. You can use them alone, wrap them with some sort of bow, put place cards in between the pages or anything else you can think of! You can even have a theme with the books, either by color or by title/genre.

Both food and decor can be based off of this theme, and even the seating type can arranged in a classroom style if you’d like.

2. Fall Leaves

Fall leaves are probably the most popular fall wedding theme these days. After all, especially in the northern parts of the country, changing fall leaves are the single biggest sign of the season!

You can go rustic or glam with this idea.

To go rustic, plan ahead but grab leaves the night before to fill hurricane-style candle holders, place on tables or other areas of the reception hall.

For glam, spray paint leaves gold or silver to give your reception hall a magical glow. You can string them up and hang them as an installation, or use them as place cards or place setting decor!

3. Halloween

Halloween themes can be really classy, as long as you avoid anything super cheesy or gory. Keep it classy with lots of black and hints of red. You may love incorporating ravens or glittery, sequined table numbers and basic white candles.

For a Gothic romantic feel, use red roses with black accents in the floral design.

4. Harvest

Fall exudes a harvest feel. From pumpkins to wheat, there are tons of options for different produce to use for decorating. A cornucopia can be utilized as a center piece/s, or for a more sleek feel you can use white pumpkins and berries as accents.

Wheat is often used as a centerpiece as well, either on its own or in vases/hurricanes. You can also use it as an accent for your cutlery!

For more great ideas, speak with a decorating coordinator today!

Flower bouquet

4 Reasons To Book Your Wedding Early

Booking a wedding early can seem like an overly-cautious thing to do, but in reality it isn’t! Many people are booking their venues and other parts of their wedding earlier and earlier these days for a number of reasons.

1. Wedding Venues Get Booked Early These Days

People tend to book wedding venues earlier and earlier these days, some even more than one year in advance! That means if you want to get the perfect date, it may be in your best interest to get your date on the books more than one year in advance, even up to two if you are already engaged.

2. It May Save You Money To Book More Than One Year Out

By booking more than one year out, you may be able to save yourself some cash in the long run. The wedding venue may still use pricing from the current year since they probably haven’t set their prices for the year you’re booking in yet! This could result in serious savings for you.

3. Booking Early Allows You To Book Other Things

Once you have your venue booked, it allows you to go on with the rest of your wedding plans! You now have a location and date set to tell your photographer, caterer and other personnel, and they can begin to scope out the space available for them to work in, which is definitely to your advantage!

4. Your Venue Sets The Tone For Your Wedding & Decor

Once you have the venue set, you can finally take a real, long hard look at the decor and space you have available. The venue really sets the palette and tone for your decor, so booking your wedding early gives you a ton of time to get everything sorted out.
Once you have your venue booked, make the rest of your wedding plans with the help of Geyer Wedding & Event Rentals!

3 Reasons You Should Apply For Employment At Geyer Rental!

At Geyer Wedding And Event Rentals, we take pride in the team we’ve assembled. The entire team takes great pride in providing rental items to weddings and parties, and making the planner’s vision come to life. Our human resources staff is always looking for quality people to apply for employment with us.

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2. You share our values

At Geyer, we value integrity, respect, creativity and knowledge.

Integrity: We want you to treat every customer as if they were your own mother. Promises and contracts are sacred and must be fulfilled.

Respect: Every team member and customer is deserving of your respect; no one should be spoken down to, and that includes you.

Creativity: We always welcome creativity; during employment here, you’ll need to solve problems, arrange items like puzzles, and juggle many duties.

Knowledge: Product knowledge is key. Whether you are dealing with customers and need to know what colors or styles go best together, or if you are on the setup crew and need to know exactly how every tent is assembled, knowledge of our product line is vital.

3. You want to work for a company ingrained in the local community

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