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How To Choose The Perfect Venue For Your Wedding!

4 Things You Can Do To Make Your Wedding Run Smoothly!

How Wedding Decorations Can Make Or Break Your Big Day

Weddings are often the biggest day of your life! Pomp, circumstance, your white dress, loved ones, great music and food, and oh . . . the decorations! Wedding decorations can either be the most important thing in the world to you, or the last thing you think of. We believe they’re something you should really spend a lot more time thinking about, and here’s why!

Wedding Decorations Are An Investment

Getting married will be one of the best days of your life. You spend so much time planning the day, and of course it will turn out amazing. It’s extremely worth the invested time thinking about the day and about your wedding decorations, because you’ll have photos and memories from that day forever.

You’ll always fondly remember walking into your reception hall and seeing all of your loved ones at their tables, with the centerpieces and the lighting just right and the music playing beautifully!

Doing your research and finding the best wedding decoration company around is well worth your time. You want to get the most for your money while still creating an incredibly beautiful wedding!

Wedding Decor Varies Widely

One of the biggest reasons wedding decorations deserve your attention is because they can vary so widely! Not only are there hundreds of millions of different combinations of ideas of wedding decorations, you also need to pick a theme and figure out what kind of decorations you really want.

That will help narrow it down, but there are still so many millions of things to find, from the tables and chairs, to flowers, tulle, centerpieces and so much more! We can help you narrow down your scope and help you discover the perfect wedding decorations for your big day.

4 Reasons To Book Your Wedding Early

Booking a wedding early can seem like an overly-cautious thing to do, but in reality it isn’t! Many people are booking their venues and other parts of their wedding earlier and earlier these days for a number of reasons.

1. Wedding Venues Get Book Early These Daysflowers-260897_1280

People tend to book wedding venues earlier and earlier these days, some even more than one year in advance! That means if you want to get the perfect date, it may be in your best interest to get your date on the books more than one year in advance, even up to two if you are already engaged.

2. It May Save You Money To Book More Than One Year Out

By booking more than one year out, you may be able to save yourself some cash in the long run. The wedding venue may still use pricing from the current year since they probably haven’t set their prices for the year you’re booking in yet! This could result in serious savings for you.

3. Booking Early Allows You To Book Other Things

Once you have your venue booked, it allows you to go on with the rest of your wedding plans! You now have a location and date set to tell your photographer, caterer and other personnel, and they can begin to scope out the space available for them to work in, which is definitely to your advantage!

4. Your Venue Sets The Tone For Your Wedding & Decor

Once you have the venue set, you can finally take a real, long hard look at the decor and space you have available. The venue really sets the palette and tone for your decor, so booking your wedding early gives you a ton of time to get everything sorted out.
Once you have your venue booked, make the rest of your wedding plans with the help of Geyer Wedding & Event Rentals!

3 Reasons You Should Apply For Employment At Geyer Rental!

At Geyer Wedding And Event Rentals, we take pride in the team we’ve assembled. The entire team takes great pride in providing rental items to weddings and parties, and making the planner’s vision come to life. Our human resources staff is always looking for quality people to apply for employment with us.

If you’re qualified and ready, you could be part of making event dreams come true!

3 Reasons You Should Apply For Employment At Geyer Rental!

1. You enjoy earning a fair wage for hard workApply For Employment

Depending on the position you apply for, you may be involved in physical labor or mental tasks. Either way, we expect a lot of our employees, and compensate fairly for it.

Employment at Geyer can range from event setup technicians, to drivers, to shift leads, to warehouse laborers, to decorators, administrative assistants and more! If you’re passionate and excited about the things people celebrate in life; weddings, graduations, babies and more, you’re a great fit for our team!

2. You share our values

At Geyer, we value integrity, respect, creativity and knowledge.

Integrity: We want you to treat every customer as if they were your own mother. Promises and contracts are sacred and must be fulfilled.

Respect: Every team member and customer is deserving of your respect; no one should be spoken down to, and that includes you.

Creativity: We always welcome creativity; during employment here, you’ll need to solve problems, arrange items like puzzles, and juggle many duties.

Knowledge: Product knowledge is key. Whether you are dealing with customers and need to know what colors or styles go best together, or if you are on the setup crew and need to know exactly how every tent is assembled, knowledge of our product line is vital.

3. You want to work for a company ingrained in the local community

Geyer Wedding And Event Rental first opened for business in 1962. We’ve been making dreams come true for more than 50 years.

With an ever-expanding product line of tables, chairs, tableware, linens and so much more, we surpass the offerings of our competitors and provide the best selection for all events.

What are you waiting for? Apply for employment with us today, and start doing a job you’ll love!

3 Reasons To Throw Your Grad A Going Away Fall Outdoor Party

Throwing your grad a fall outdoor party as a going away present is a great idea! Their friends and family will appreciate seeing them one last time, especially if they are moving far away, but even if they will be nearby as they inevitably get busier with college courses and activities. It’s also a wonderful way to help your grad prepare for college, especially if you throw a college trunk party.

A college trunk party is a type of fall outdoor party where guests bring items which may be needed by a student – bedding, alarm clock, school supplies, posters, food, etc. The idea is for the items to fit inside of the trunk, which traditionally would have been taken to college with the grad.

Let’s take a deeper look into some reasons your grad can benefit from a fall outdoor party before going off to college!


3 Reasons To Throw Your Grad A Going Away Fall Outdoor Party

1. It Helps Them Get The Things They Need For Collegepexels-photo-89873

Everyone knows it’s expensive to go to college, and that’s before the cost of tuition. Room and board, books, clothes and all the furniture and home items needed can add up fast. And since it’s your grad’s first time being on their own, they won’t have much to take with them.

Hosting a fall outdoor party with a trunk theme can really help them be prepared, and help your family and community send them to college and defray the cost to you. When you send out invitation for your trunk party, be sure to explain what it is, as many people may not have attended one before.

2. It’s A Way To See Their Hometown Friends And Family One Last Time

It will be fun for your graduate to see their family and friends on last time before either heading out of town or diving into a more advanced curriculum.

A great way to help your grad remember their last fall outdoor party before heading off to college is with photos! Set up an area where people can take a photo with your grad, and then print them all off into an album for your grad to take with them. This will make the first year at college a little less lonely.

3. It’s A Great Excuse For A Fun Party!

A going off to college fall outdoor party is a great time, and can be made extra special with some forethought!

Your guests will of course want to eat, but you can make it more fun by serving fun fair food, like hot dogs, nachos, Sno-Kones, cotton candy, slushies and more! Want to serve up a bunch of grilled chicken, burgers or steaks? You may want to make the line move faster with a large, high-quality rented grill for your fall outdoor party!

And everybody likes music; be sure to keep the party moving with a nice karaoke machine, or a speaker you can attach your iPod to!

3 Tent Rental Options To Make Your Kid’s Birthday Party Unforgettable

A tent rental might seem like just a way to keep the kids out of the hot sun during a birthday party, but it can be so much more!

At Geyer rental, we have tons of great tent rental options and add-ons to make your kid’s birthday party amazingly unforgettable! Check out some of our ideas below, or head to our tent rental page.

3 Tent Rental Options To Make Your Kid’s Birthday Party Unforgettable


1. Tent Rental/Food2a

First, you’ll want to get your tent rental from Geyer. There are tons of different sizes available depending on the size of the party, and you can even get lights as well as favorite food machines like nachos with cheese, hot dog rotisseries, Sno-Kone/cotton candy/slushy/popcorn machines and more! And you might want walls if you think it might rain or be a bit too windy. The solid wall can also be used for . . .

2. Projector And Audio Equipment/Karaoke

. . . displaying a movie! At Geyer, you can rent a project and sound system to play your kid’s favorite movie for all of their friends! Wouldn’t it be great to screen a favorite classic (Toy Story, 101 Dalmations) or recently released movie (Frozen, Inside Out, Finding Dory) while the kids eat their lunch? With a tent rental, you can!

Another great option for audio equipment is our karaoke machine! Let the kids sing and dance all day and night . . .

3. Dance floor!

. . . especially when you add in our outdoor dance floor! We have tons of sizes available, and are able to handle up to 128 people at a single time! We are sure your son or daughter would have a blast dancing to today’s latest hits or karaoke for their birthday, singing awesome songs and showing off their skills!

Head to our tent rental page for more ideas, and contact us anytime to learn more about making your kid’s birthday party unforgettable!

5 Ceiling Decor Ideas To Spice Up Your Next Event

Ceiling decor can easily be overlooked; you’ll of course be concentrated on food, tables, chairs, music and a million other things which can grab your attention when planning a big event. But don’t let ceiling decor get away from you!

Now that you’re aware of it, take some time to plan for your ceiling as you approach your event, whether it’s a wedding, graduation party, birthday or anniversary!

5 Ceiling Decor Ideas To Spice Up Your Next Event


1. Lighting

Fabric Draping

Fabric Draping

One of the most important ceiling decor ideas you can use is lighting. String lights, chandeliers, patio lights, pole lamps, all of these can make your event a hit! Different types of lights can set the mood for your event: classy, funky, rustic, etc. Don’t rely on the flourescent lighting in your event hall to get your guests in mood to party!

2. Uplighting

Speaking of lighting, uplighting is a more recent trend and can really make a difference in the atmosphere of a party. Uplighting can be classy or casual, with a large variety of colors available. Uplighting is basically a spotlight which is set near the wall, which lights up both the wall as well as the ceiling directly above it, splashing light outward from that point. Uplighting is a unique ceiling decor idea which can add a lot to your event.

3. Drapery

Of course, light isn’t the only way to decorate a ceiling. Fabric drapery is a great way to soften rooms which may have hard lines, like a conference room or convention center. Drapery can be made of a number of different fabrics and colors, and can be tied at multiple points in a room for different ceiling decor designs.

4. Columns

We know, columns sit on the floor, how can they be ceiling decor? Well, columns at Geyer can run all the way up to the ceiling, or, if you don’t have a ceiling, can serve as the anchor point for lighting or drapery, creating a false ceiling effect. How cool!

5. A Canopy (if you don’t have a ceiling, get one!)

And if you really do not have a ceiling and want one, say at an outdoor event, rent a tent or canopy! At Geyer we have a ton of canopies to choose from to accommodate all sizes of parties, so don’t worry about not having a ceiling, you can still use all of these great ceiling decor ideas!