2019 Graduation Party Ideas For Your Grad

Your little one is growing up! It’s time to give them a big send-off. To help, let’s look at the latest and greatest 2019 graduation party ideas your kid and their friends will love!

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2019 Graduation Party Ideas For Your Grad


Keep cool and keep dry! If it ends up raining the day of your grad’s party, they will definitely help keep the party going! Also, canopies can be great places to put food and drink under, as a way to keep the drinks cooler and help the kids catch a break from the sun. In other words, canopies can be cool too!


A slushy machine is an awesome way to impress friends and relatives with an excellent, tasty option without a lot of effort. Slushies are a classic, fun treat for anyone, but nobody wants to stand in line and wait for one. That’s why for larger parties, we offer a double slushy machine! We’re always ready to help take your party to the next level!

Graduation party canopy.

Sumo Wrestling!

For even more competitive fun, sumo wrestling suits are a great choice! These suits are fully padded – no need to inflate them and waste time in between matches. They come with headgear and a padded mat to soften the inevitable landing. Let your kids friends slip the suits on, strap on the helmet and they’ll be ready to rumble all afternoon and into the night!

Cotton Candy!

Who doesn’t love cotton candy? This sweet treat is always a hit at festivals and fairs, and you can spruce up your graduation party with it as well! Cotton candy, a.k.a. “sugar floss”, makes for a fun, interactive treat people can still run around and play games with.


Graduation parties can get hot. Why not make a game out of cooling off? We have an awesome dunk tank your graduate’s friends will love using to drop friends into the drink! With no electrical supply needed, this dunk tank can be set up anywhere you have access to a standard garden hose.