3 Convention Planning Tips For Fall 2019

Planning a big convention is a huge undertaking. Hundreds of guests, thousands of square feet, dozens of vendors – there’s a lot to keep track of! That’s why Geyer Rental has put together 3 convention planning tips to help you get through this fall.

3 Convention Planning Tips

1. Make A Theme & Make It Work

Your theme should be a singular focus for your convention. Before beginning any planning or deciding to host a convention, you should already know what it’s about at its core – expressing it succinctly and making sure it’s understood to all attendees is key. 

Nailing your theme enables you to play with it and work around it, pushing it through into every part of your marketing, and even into social media hashtags and decor. This theme will be the driving force behind whether people want to attend your convention or not.

2. Plan For Tastes & Allergies

With a growing trend of a variety of dietary needs and an increase in the incidence of allergies, it is important to consider all potential dietary restrictions and ask attendees to note them at the time of registration. Some potential dietary restrictions include:

  • allergies (soy, nut, etc.);
  • gluten-free;
  • dairy-free;
  • kosher;
  • paleo;
  • vegan; and,
  • vegetarian.

3. Make It “Infotainment” – Informing & Entertaining

A convention is not only a time for learning and networking but also a time to celebrate. When attacking your convention planning, you need to keep in mind social events for people to enjoy. Depending on your industry, a formal party or evening reception might be appropriate, other industries might want to have live music or some other entertainment.

Make it a point to call out those at your convention who have been doing so much – for either your company or the industry – and have experienced success. People deserve to be recognized for their hard work, which in turn inspires others to strive for that.

At the end of the day, you want to create a memorable experience for your convention attendees. Let Geyer Rental help – we’ve already provided some great convention planning tips, now just contact us below for even more planning help.