You want to make your graduate’s day special, but thinking of graduation party ideas can be tough. Everyone wants something different, and it’s hard to please a crowd, especially one made up of mostly teenagers.

At Geyer Rental, we’ve made it our business to keep a wide variety of items on hand which you can rent for your graduation party to make it more exciting, dynamic and crowd-pleasing! Last month we took a look at a few ideas, but we’re going to expand on that list here. Let us know if you’d like to reserve any of them for your party date now!

1. Hot Dogs

When feeding a crowd, it’s best to find a bulk crowd pleaser. Besides your usual party go-tos like chips, veggie trays and the like, hot dogs are one of the most popular graduation party ideas for food!
At Geyer Rental, we have both steamers and rotisserie, depending on how you like your dogs done.

Hot dog steamer
Cotton Candy Machine

2. Cotton Candy

Who doesn’t love cotton candy? This sweet treat is always a hit at festivals and fairs, and you can spruce up your graduation party with it as well! Cotton candy, a.k.a. “sugar floss”, makes for a fun, interactive treat people can still run around and play games with. And it’s delicious!

3. Dunk Tank

Graduation parties can get hot. Why not make a game out of cooling off? We have an awesome dunk tank your graduate’s friends will love using to drop friends into the drink! With no electrical supply needed, this dunk tank can be set up anywhere you have access to a standard garden hose.

Dunk Tank
Obstacle Challenge inflatable

4. Inflatables

Now these inflatables do take some electricity, but they’ll definitely make a splash! Bouncy boxing and the moon walk make for excellent graduation party ideas for you. We have tons of other options as well, from human bowling to jousting to the bungee run and more.

Bouncy Boxing

Get your graduate in the ring and let them rock with their friends with this oversized boxing game! With an inflatable ring and comically large gloves, no one will get hurt but they will all have a great time! Many of the adults will want to get in the fun on this one as well.

Moon Walk

Whether you call it a moon walk, bounce house, bouncer or something else entirely, this inflatable option is just a ton of fun! Who doesn’t love bouncing and feeling that moment of weightlessness, only to be brought back to a nice, squishy landing? Depending on the size, you may only be able to let a few kids in at a time, but they’ll love the chance to bounce around like crazy!

Remember, contact Geyer Rental for help with graduation party ideas and planning your party!!