4 Tips For Throwing A Great Outdoor Tent Party

Time for an outdoor tent party! In Minnesota, April and May are a time to get outside and celebrate the end of the cold, graduations, weddings, or just to get outside again. But, even if you’re not holding your party until June, July, or August, we have some great tips for boosting attendance and fun at your next outdoor tent party!

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4 Tips For A Wonderful Outdoor Tent Party

1. Early Invitations

Don’t wait too long! The weather is already starting to trend toward summer, and your friends, family, and neighbors calendars will soon fill up.

Sending invitations early can ensure the maximum number of people will be able to attend your outdoor tent party. With enough advance warning, they can add it to their calendars and avoid all other conflicts that day!

2. Ready For Any Weather

Summer in Minnesota can get a bit dicey. Wind, rain, the occasional hailstorm, bugs. When choosing your outdoor tent, be sure to look at all of the tent accessories you can get with it.

At Geyer Rental, we have an amazing variety of styles and sizes of tents, but we also have side walls to protect from the wind, heat or sun, A/C units, fans, and misters to keep you cool, heaters to keep warm on a chilly spring or fall evening, and more!

3. Prepare Your Yard

When you’re planning the outdoor tent party, be sure to plan far enough ahead to have a large, flat area for your tent to stand in. You don’t want to hold an outdoor tent party on sloped ground, as it simply won’t work for a tent and it will confuse your guests’ feet.

You should also prep for bugs and weeds – no one wants to throw their shoes off and step on a thistle, or end up with ants in their pants when taking a rest in the grass! Contact a local yard maintenance company to help care for pests and invasive weeds.

4. Food & Fun

Lastly, be sure to plan for food and fun at your outdoor tent party! At Geyer Rental, we have a great variety of different snack and fair foods to try, like nachos, a hot dog rotisserie, charcoal grills for burgers, cotton candy machines, slushy machines, Sno-Kone machines and more!

Besides food, don’t forget the fun games and inflatables! Depending on the ages of those guests coming, you may want to rent out a bean bag toss, volleyball set, dunk tank to cool off in, sumo wrestling suits, human bowling, a bounce house, human jousting and more!