5 Best Pinterest-Inspired Wedding Centerpieces For Fall

Every wedding needs beautiful centerpieces. But what should yours look like? To get a start, we’ve put together our five favorite wedding centerpieces we’ve pinned, just for you! Check them out, and let us know what you like. We’ll help you get what you need to make them happen for your reception!

1. Mid-Size Vase Filled With Water, White Flowers & Hanging Tea Candles

This striking wedding centerpiece features a mid-size vase filled nearly to the brim with crystal clear water. Two varieties pure white flowers add to the light, pure interior of this venue, contrasted with the darkening fall sky outside. As well, tea candles hung from the branches add a final, light touch to intimately illuminate guests’ meals.

2. Lantern With Candle Inside, Baby’s Breath Flowers & Tea Candles Outside

For a more rustic appeal, this wedding centerpiece features both a wooden lantern and hammered metal vases. The lantern hosts a strikingly white candle which shows beautifully through the glass lantern panes. With tea candles also lit on the four corners and baby’s breath flowers in hammered metal vases on the four sides, this centerpiece looks amazing from every angle.

3. Tall Vase Filled With Water, White Flowers & Branches

For a bright, stark fall presence, perhaps after the leaves have fallen but before the snows come, try this tall vase filled three-quarters with water. While white flowers play a role in making this wedding centerpiece bridal, the cherry tree branches provide a distinct fall touch which can’t be beat.


4. Cube Vase Filled WIth Water, Sunflowers & Tea Candles

For a more intimate, closely gathered reception, a shorter wedding centerpiece might be in order. This cube vase filled nearly full with water, sunflower heads and floating tea candles provides a warm glow at low height to illuminate the table and make everything feel cozy.

5. Tall Vase Filled With Water & White Flowers

Finally, for perhaps a more urban, warehouse or vaulted room reception, this extremely tall vase filled with water, white puffy flowers and scraggly vines and branches creates true height while still allowing guests to see each other both through and around the wedding centerpiece. Four white tea candles around the base refract nicely through the clear glass and water.

For more great wedding centerpiece ideas – and the hardware to pull them off – get in touch with a Geyer Wedding & Event Rentals specialist today. Also be sure to follow our Pinterest feed for ideas we love and Instagram feed for ideas we’ve helped bring to life!