5 New 2019 Wedding Decor Trends To Watch

It’s a new season, and if you’re in the planning mood it’s time to look at the 2019 wedding decor trends! These are trends we’re seeing all over, from our partners and industry contacts, not just from brides here in Central Minnesota and around St. Cloud.

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5 New 2019 Wedding Decor Trends To Watch

1. Bohemian Styles

For those who love hip but chic stylings, rejoice! Bohemian styles are definitely in fash for 2019 wedding decor trends. Lanterns, rattan and wicker furniture and so much more are at your disposal to create a beautiful, in-style wedding!

For lanterns, look no further than our table lanterns, tea lanterns, and jeweled lanterns, in a variety of sizes. A rustic arbor may also be in the cards for your wedding.

2. Bright Colors

2019 is the year colors start to pop! No more pastels – watch as your friends, coworkers, and social media acquaintances start to add really popping colors back to their wedding plans!

Oranges, purples, blues, and greens will all be bold and beautiful.

Ready to add some color to your tables and chairs? Check out our sashes and runners, or if you’re really ready to pop, add some awesome uplighting!

3. Simplicity

If you’re really following the 2019 wedding decor trends, you’ll want to keep your plans on the simpler side. Many brides (and grooms) are opting for more classic, simple, and refined themes.

Think – columns and greenery, or arches and arbors.

4. Metal & Organic

In 2019, you’ll see weddings trend toward the intertwining of man-made metals and organic materials. Table centerpieces and wall decor, in particular, have seen a blending of the two materials.

Check out our columns and garlands, or for centerpieces, look at garland, small trees or lanterns.

5. Candles

The last 2019 wedding decor trends to watch is . . . candles! Yes, old-school candles. Tapered candles, tall candles, short candles, colored candles, scented candles – the list goes on. Candles can add quite the theatrical flair to your wedding, and brides are going back to this standard table accent in droves.