Whether you’ve just started planning your wedding or are setting the final details into place, choosing a wedding centerpiece can be one of the hardest parts. You may want to have an intricate design, or go for something simple. But to meet your other design choices halfway, you’ll need some fresh ideas.

At Geyer Rental, we’re here to help – speak with an event planner at Geyer Rental today! Let’s look at five wedding centerpiece ideas we have right now, but speak with us for more!

1. Lanterns

For a Boho Chic aesthetic, farmhouse style wedding or really any theme, lanterns are an excellent wedding centerpiece choice. At Geyer Rental, we can provide with a wide variety of lantern fashions for your wedding centerpiece – traditional black, jeweled, tea candle, iron and more!

2. Trees

Trees? Really? Yes! Trees can make an excellent wedding centerpiece. You could go full out and find bonsai trees of any assortment (or look-alikes). At Geyer Rental, we have crystal trees which look fantastic all dolled up in the center of your table.

3. Planter Boxes

Planter boxes are an extremely versatile wedding centerpiece. Whether it’s filled with gifts for your guests, candles, plants, candy or awesome decor, the planter box is an exceptional start to a great table experience at your wedding!

4. Bowls/Vases

Greenery & Columns

Pewter. Bronze. Silver. Gold. Metallic. Crystal. Mason. Glass. Ivy. Tower. Square. Hurricane. Column. Basket Weave. Bubble.

No matter what kind of bowl or vase you’re looking for, Geyer Rental has them! Bowls and vases make great bases for the start of a wedding centerpiece. Your part will look amazing with one of our wide variety of bowls or vases – or mix and match for a cool effect!

5. Candles

Can you ever have enough candles? For a warm. Inviting atmosphere on your most love-filled day, candles are a great choice for wedding centerpiece! Whether it’s a single candle, held aloft a glass pillar as a beacon for a bright future, or a grouping of votives as part of a larger centerpiece, candles are an excellent choice.