5 Tips on Planning a Trade Show in St. Cloud, MN

 Geyer Wedding & Event Rentals also has trade show services – you may not even know it! A&N Convention Services is our sister company, and provides all the necessary resources to make your event successful! Because of our expertise, we can provide you with a few great tips for planning a trade show in St. Cloud, MN.

Image by Vicki Lynn from Pixabay

Many people at a trade show or conference venue milling around.

Tips For Planning A Trade Show

1. Customize Everything

It’s YOUR trade show. It’s unique, and you should customize everything about it if you can. Don’t run to the store for sings, banners, and decor. Get together with a convention services company and make it your own. Get custom signs and banners made, base everything off of your colors and fonts, and unify the whole trade show.

2. Optimize Traffic Flow

Think long and hard about where you place tables, booths, food, and entrances/exits. Optimizing your traffic flow, socializing areas, and intersections are extremely important to making your trade show both comfortable and successful. A professional trade show planning services company can produce CAD floor plan designs to optimize traffic flow and visibility.

3. Help Your Exhibitors Succeed

In order for your trade show to succeed, you need your exhibitors to succeed first. Plan on how you can assist their preparations. You could partner with a professional event firm to handle display installation and dismantling, so your exhibitors are simply “plug-and-play”. You could have “exhibitor service kits” on hand with everything they might need or have forgotten for a trade show like yours.

4. Make It Pop

It’s important to make the trade show pop. Draped exhibit booths, skirted tables, plenty of chairs and stools, message boards, professional registration counters and much more should be prepped and readily available.

Don’t forget about props, as well as audio/visual equipment like screens, projectors, and sound systems!

5. Work With Professionals

We can take care of almost any special requests your exhibitors may have! With over 25 years in the tradeshow business, we can handle your event, no matter how large or small. We will work with you to create an event that will enhance the experience for your attendees and exhibitors.