5 Tips & Tricks For A Successful Summer Party

Hosting a successful summer party can be daunting. Don’t let fear stand in your way!

To make sure you’re prepared for your summer party, speak with an event planner at Geyer Rental today! And, let’s learn more about some tips and tricks that will ensure you have a fabulous day!

1. Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

Your wedding. A child’s graduation. A quinceañera. Whatever your reason for celebrating, be sure to keep your cool. Your summer party should be enjoyable.

If things aren’t arranged exactly so, or music or food are coming a bit behind schedule, don’t stress out. The less you stress, the less your guests will notice.

2. Don’t Sweat – At All

Seriously, don’t sweat it at your summer party. Keep yourself and your guests cool with fans, misters or even an entire A/C unit!

Our cooling options run the gamut, from small fans to barn fans, cool misting sprays to full-fledged air conditioners. Don’t worry about summer’s heat – just worry about turning up the heat on your party!

3. Make Room To Have Fun

One of the best tips for a successful summer party is to delegate. Make room for yourself to have fun. Your guests (likely) are here because they want to be with you or celebrate you, so delegate some responsibilities so you can be with them!

4. Cater To Their Needs, Not Your Dreams

You might have an idea of the perfect summer party. But will your guests really enjoy the intricately folded origami party favors you made? In order to have the perfect party, you’ll need to temper your dreams for what the party could be with what your party goers want or need.

5. Partner With Geyer

Lastly, partner with an experienced event planner and rental provider like Geyer Rental in St. Cloud! We can make sure you have all of your bases covered, and provide you with tons of rental options to make sure your party goes off without a hitch!