5 Ways To Choose Your Wedding Colors

Choosing your wedding colors may seem like the easiest thing in the world, but for many of us it isn’t. That’s why you have experts at Geyer Rental to help!

Let us help you understand the different colors and what they mean for your wedding when you speak with a Geyer Rental wedding planner today!

1. Season

One of the easiest ways to choose your wedding colors is by season.


In the spring, especially April and May, you can start to use pastel colors. A number of great colors we recommend include:

Warm Pinks | Soft Yellows | Corals | Greens | Whites | Creams | Violets | Pistachios | Sky Blues | Sunflower Yellows


It’s finally summer, and it’s time to get bold! Whether you want to include a garden theme, beach theme or just want to bring the vibrancy of summer into your palette, look to these colors for inspiration:

Greens | Yellows | Slate Grays | Jewel Tones: Garnet, Aquamarine, Citrine, Quartzes |


As fall arrives, it marks a return to softness and earthier toned colors. Check out some of these options for your fall wedding colors:

Soft Grays | Silvers | Soft Purples | Greens | Apple Reds | Navy Blues | Teals | Plum Purples | Burgundy Reds | Dusty Browns


Winter, while deep and cold, is also bold. The colors we recommend for a winter wedding are bold as well:

Reds | Grays | Silvers | Whites | Royal Purples | Ice Blues | Emerald Greens | Golds

2. Fashion

Another great way is to choose your wedding color based on the fashions you want to use. If you have a specific dress or tux in mind, do they go best with a certain color? If your dress is cream, you definitely don’t want to use a cream or white which doesn’t exactly match or compliment the dress.

3. Wedding Style

What kind of style is your wedding? Are you throwing an extremely formal affair, or one with loud music and local flair? The style you foresee for your celebration can also influence the colors you choose, or at least the tones. Pay attention to the feelings you want people to have, and choose colors accordingly.

4. Location

If you’re having your wedding at a winery, you’ll probably opt for greens, reds, purples, whites or some combination.

Similarly, if your wedding reception is held at a farm, you may opt for more earth tones in your decor. Choosing your wedding colors based on your location can also be an effective method.

5. Color Wheel

Lastly, if you simply can’t settle on any color, throw some swatches onto a wheel, spin it and pick one at random and plan your wedding around it. If you’re truly having a hard time deciding, you’ll feel either a sense of relief or a sense of dread when your finger lands on a color. Based on that feeling, you may be able to quickly decide if that color is for you!