6 Ideas To Create The Most Beautiful Fall Wedding!

For many, fall is the most magical time of year. If you’re planning your 2018 or 2019 fall wedding, take a look at our great ideas below to jumpstart your creative juices!

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1. Gilding

Have you ever spray painted anything? Gilding involves finding the perfect tone of gold spray paint and completely covering an object, turning it into a dreamy centerpiece! From leaves to pumpkins and apples, all can be transformed into gilded masterpieces for your fall wedding! Be sure to pair them with our gold chalices for centerpieces.

2. Apples

Many people don’t consider apples when planning a fall wedding, but nothing says fall more than a fresh apple pie! Consider adding apple pie (or mini-apple pie on a stick – hey, we’re from Minnesota after all) as a dessert, using apples or gilded apples for decor or installing an awesome apple cider tasting bar! If you go for the bar, be sure to pair it with our jaw-dropping whiskey barrels.

3. Branches

A bare branch can add so much to the tone of your wedding reception. A fall wedding deserves some leaves, yes, but bare branches sticking high out of centerpieces, or small branches floating inside of vases can add so much to your atmosphere. Pair tall branches with our columns for emphasized height.

4. Tweed/Burlap

For physical material needs, fall weddings must turn to tweed and burlap. These two earth-toned materials have character and texture which add so much life to an otherwise stark or sterile cloth palette. Use them as highlights throughout the room in signage or as table runners, or even as part of your party’s outfits! Pair tweed and burlap with metal lanterns.

5. Pumpkins

For some, pumpkins can speak too much to halloween for their fall wedding. For others, they simply evoke the garden or pumpkin patch, or maybe grandma’s pumpkin pies. While they can be used for decoration as they are or gilded, a hollowed out pumpkin can also be used as a centerpiece or drink cooler when properly prepared! Set it on top of one of our stands made of birch wood.

6. Sunflowers

While all flowers are versatile, fall often calls for the granddaddy of them all, the sunflower. Used as aisle decor when laid on a stand or tied to the chair or bench, or used for centerpieces traditionally or by cutting off the heads to float in a vase, you won’t be disappointed. Pair sunflowers with barnwood planter boxes for added effect.

For more great fall wedding ideas – and the hardware to pull them off – get in touch with a Geyer Wedding & Event Rentals specialist today. Also be sure to follow our Pinterest feed for ideas we love and Instagram feed for ideas we’ve helped bring to life!