8 Awesome Ideas For Party Rentals At Your Summer Picnic Or BBQ

It’s summer! Time for picnics, barbecues and parties! If you want the best summer picnic or BBQ every, it’s time to look into party rentals from Geyer!

At Geyer Rental, we’ve made it our business to keep a wide variety of items on hand which you can rent for your summer picnic or BBQ to make it more exciting, tasty and crowd-pleasing! Let us know if you’d like to reserve any of these ideas for your party rentals now!

1. Step Up Your BBQ Game With A Pig Roaster

If you’re planning a real barbecue, there’s no reason not to take it to the next level with a pig roaster from Geyer! Our pig roaster is easy to operate and comes with a large cooking surface and rotisserie! Get in touch with your inner caveman and impress the neighbors.

2. What’s A Burger Without Fresh French Fries

If you’re serving burgers, why not add realy fried french fries? At Geyer, we provide both propane and electric fryers as party rentals to make the perfectly crispy, salty fries your guests are craving. We also carry all of the supplies you’ll need to make as many batches as you’ll need!

Cotton Candy Machine

3. Make It Fun With Cotton Candy

Who doesn’t love cotton candy? This sugary concoction is a great, fun way to do dessert for a family reunion or outdoor party. Show of your twirling skills – don’t worry, we’ll provide you with ingredients and instruction on how to use it.

4. Add A Splash Of Color With Balloons

Balloons are a great way to decorate with specific color theme, adding real flavor to your summer picnic or BBQ! Pair balloons with your napkins and other linens to really spice things up! We have a large variety of designs to choose from which can make your party more festive.

5. Bouncy Boxing Amps Up The Party

Need to add a bit of fun to the food? Awesome inflatable party rentals like bouncy boxing are available from Geyer! This game let’s kids and adults enter an inflatable ring, throw on huge gloves and throw punches with reckless abandon, without fear of doing real damage. It’s a great time for everyone!

Moon walk

6. Get Everyone Involved With Karaoke

Another great option for entertainment is to get a karaoke machine! Let the kids and adults sing and dance all day and night with the latest popular music and the classics.


7. Provide Shade With Canopies

Canopies might not seem exciting, but when the sun starts beating down and people want to eat in a cooler place, everyone is going to grab a seat under this canopy. Whether you rent chairs and tables as well is up to the comfort level of you and your guests for sitting in the grass.

8. Stay Cool With A Dunk Tank

Lastly, why not let everyone stay cool with an amazing dunk tank? People love to watch each other drop into the drink, and it’s a great way to cool off after playing hard all afternoon or visiting in the warm summer sun.

Remember, contact Geyer Rental for help with party and BBQ ideas and planning for your party rentals!