How Geyer Can Help In The Face Of Unpredictable Event Weather

Unpredictable event weather is about the worst thing that can happen to a bride or other event planner. Mother nature’s fury is extreme, whether we’re talking heat, cold, wind, rain, snow, bugs or anything else she can throw at us.

To make sure you’re prepared for any event weather, speak with an event planner at Geyer Rental today! And, let’s learn more about the gear we can provide you with (beyond a tent rental) that will ensure you have a fabulous day!

Unpredictable Event Weather Situations

Cloudy And Dark? Lights!

Lights! Camera! Action!

Clouds can dampen your spirits in any season, and if you’re hosting an outdoor, tented event, cloud weather can cast quite the shadow. To make sure your guests can see each other, their food, the decor and entertainment no matter the forecast or time of night, rent some lights!

We have a large variety of lights available, from pole lamps to chandeliers, patio string lights and more.

60x90 Canopy installed

Summer Heat? Fans!

June. July. August. Heck, even May and September can really turn up the temperature on your part fast, especially if you’re hosting a dance. Well, worry not! In the face of unpredictable event weather, turn to our amazing fans!

We have your typical pedestal fan, but we also carry huge barn fans and corner fans which can hang from the canopy. We even have extreme options like “mister fans” which spray a cool water mist and our Way Cooler which is a portable A/C unit.

Fall Or Spring Cool? Heaters!

Don’t let your guests shiver, especially at night. Weather you’ve become brave and decided to host a tent event in Minnesota in January, or just got unlucky with an October or April weather event, Geyer has what you need.

Our heaters are great for small or large spaces. Patio heaters are great for keeping a smaller, localized area warm. Meanwhile, our canopy heater can function as a portable HVAC system for your entire tent, as long as it’s completely walled.

Breeze, Bugs Or Rain? Side Walls!

Speaking of walls, you can also rent tent sidewalls from Geyer. Perfect for keeping those Minnesota Mosquitoes at bay, the breeze and rain out and your A/C or heat in!