How To Choose An Indoor Wedding Or Outdoor Wedding

Choosing between an indoor wedding or outdoor wedding can be hard to do. At Geyer Rental, we’ve helped thousands of couples with indoor and outdoor weddings.

With indoor weddings, we’ve helped with chairs, tables, lighting, tableware, lights, music and more. With outdoor weddings, we can do all of the above, plus assist with tenting the event, including walls and climate control measures like A/C or heat!

Let us help you understand the different indoor and outdoor wedding options and what they mean for your wedding when you speak with a Geyer Rental wedding planner today!

Indoor Weddings


With indoor weddings, you have much more control overall. You can decorate more indoors because there are walls and columns and so much more to decorate on. You’ll also be able to control the climate of your venue better indoors, although climate control options do exist for outdoor weddings.


Outdoor wedding tented by Geyer Rental.

Oftentimes, indoor wedding venues will be smaller in size than outdoors. If you’re planning to have a big wedding, outdoor is the place to be!

Indoor settings can also be stifling, with little airflow if the climate needs to be tightly controlled.

Outdoor Weddings


One of the biggest advantages of having an outdoor wedding is the scenery. You’ll be surrounded by a beautiful scene everywhere you look. You’ll also have amazing natural light for photography and a larger space to accommodate more people.


The cons for an outdoor wedding include unpredictable weather, which can be mitigated with the right tents, and the lower amount of decor if you can’t find the right supplier or partner.