Pinterest Event Planning: How To Use Pinterest To Help Plan Your Next Event

Event planning can be difficult. From a simple dinner party with friends to a wedding, there are a huge variety of factors to consider. Luckily, we all have an amazing resource available to us – Geyer Rental’s amazing event planning staff in St. Cloud! But if you’re not quite ready to get in touch with us, you can also try Pinterest Event Planning to get some creative, new ideas!

Check out these ideas for using Pinterest, and let us know what you you’re planning for your event – then we’ll help!

Get Organized With Boards

Using Pinterest Event Planning is one of the best ideas you can have, because it radically amplifies your ability to create! Pinterest allows you to not only search for new and creative ideas for your event, but also organizes your ideas so you can find them when you need them.

You can create different Boards so it’s easier to map out what you’ll use for particular different events, and what just looks cute and might inspire you for something later. For example, you might have a board for “Friday Night Dinners” or “Summer Wedding” and another board which is simply “Centerpieces”.

Get Some ‘Pinspiration’

Sometimes, you’re not sure what you want. This is when you need a little “Pinsperation”. Start by scrolling through your Pinterest feed to see what’s out there and what the people (and businesses like Geyer Rental) you’re following are pinning. Finding a single piece of inspiration can really narrow your future searches down, helping you put together the perfect board. Try to separate the “cute but unattainable” ideas from the reality of what you can actually afford or create. Pinterest can definitely be a fantasy world sometimes.

Finding Related Pins

One of the best ways to do Pinterest Event Planning is to look at related pins. After you’ve clicked on a pin which looks right for your event, Pinterest will display pins below which are related and can expand your creativity. This is a great way to find variations on a single idea.