Why Buy When You Can Get An Event Rental

The end of summer is perfect for weddings, barbecues, garden parties, end-of-summer blowouts – you name it! But if you’re only planning to have this party once, or even once a year, is buying a tent or other equipment really worth it? An event rental company like Geyer Rental has everything you need at a great price!

Why Buy When You Can Get Great Event Rentals From Geyer

Any Quantity, All The Bits & Pieces

At Geyer, we have access to all needed provisions and can supply you with everything needed for your event. Items like chairs, tables and table settings can be difficult to find in large quantities at a store, and costs can balloon for a single event.

Event rental featuring string lights, chandelier, chairs, tables, tablecloths, dishes, decor, centerpieces and more.

Transportation & Set-Up Are A Breeze

When you prepare for your next event rental with Geyer, you don’t have to deal with transporting a bunch of heavy items and equipment. You’ll be able to spend more time taking care of other aspects of the event while we transport everything to your location. Our team can even set up and teardown the event for you, saving you even more time.

Rental Cost Is Much Lower

Purchasing a tent, tables, chairs, bouncy castle, and other items for a single-use or once-a-year use could be astronomically costly for you or your organization. Using a local rental company like Geyer Rental ensures the equipment is maintained, ready to go when you are, and available at a much lower, one-time-use cost.

When dealing with larger events, it’s usually just a better idea to leave it to the pros and let them deal with the odds and ends. People often fail to realize the scope that is involved when they’re dealing with events.

Events take time to plan, organize and set up and a rental agency like Geyer Rental can help with many different areas of your event. If you’re getting ready for a big event and don’t know where to begin, that’s OK.

Let Geyer Rental help you out and be your guide on the road to a successful event.